REAL Newborn Night Time Routine:

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Today, I wanted to share with you Onyx’s night time routine, everything that we do to soothe him and calm him down and get him ready for bed he’ll be three weeks old as of today and I’m excited.

I know this will be something special that I can look back on when he gets older and also I think it might be helpful for other new Mamas.

if you’re a new mama and you have a new baby let me know in the comments below and let’s do this.


The first thing that we do is nix is we do a nighttime routine bath ease this is something that we’ve done with all of our newborn babies, I know it may seem a little odd but I do pop into the bathtub with them and just talk to them and tell them how amazing they are and what I love about them this is a special opportunity to bond and a nice way for baby to calm down before bed.

Before I start to wash Nicks I’ll do a breastfeeding session which I think is
nice, because you’ll have emerged in the water and then I can start washing his hair, sometimes I’ll do it in his baby bathtub but a lot of times I will do it in the actual bathtub he prefers this way, but I do have to warn you if you do this at home that he does poop on me occasion occasionally but it’s still super special and a lot of times he will fall asleep in the bathtub.

When I take him out he hates the transfer, so he’s a little bit furious but I’ll go ahead and give him a pass see and just brush his hair and try to calm him down one thing that I do to calm him down I’ve been using this protective bomb by beauty counter.

I like it but I will go ahead brush his hair and try to give him a baby massage some days he is feeling it and he loves every minute of it and other days he is just mad and he wants to just nurse and go to bed.

Today happened to be one of those days where he wasn’t feeling it but I’ll go ahead and put the bomb on him this is a very thick texture I also like to use coconut oil because he has that feeling newborn skin right now so I’ll do that as well and I always like to.

Make sure that his diaper is secure and on correctly my husband does it lose and every single time I lay him down when it’s too loose he’ll just wet out the back or wet out the side.

I finally get him soothed and calmed down I’ll go ahead and get him
dressed, this is usually around 8 o’clock where we’ll chat together we’ll do tummy time we have our little routine where he usually stays awake for a good stint of time and I like to just spend as much time with him as I can.

On this particular night, he didn’t want anything to do with tummy time he just wanted to be held and be talked to which I’m okay with watching this back I’m like oh my gosh I look like such a goofball but honestly, that’s motherhood, where your baby your newborn baby has perfectly brushed hair and your hair just looks like a hot mess or at least it does for me then I’ll go ahead and start with his first feeding of the night.

My son is a cluster feeder so he does a lot of cluster feeds at the very beginning of the night, where he will feed for just a short time and fall asleep quickly.

Sometimes he’ll only nurse for like five minutes and he’ll fall straight asleep so he didn’t have enough time to fill his belly all the way however I kind of just let him do it however he wants to do it and I just follow his pace.

I’m a night owl so I stay up late one of the things that I will do is I will go ahead and put an entire barrier of pillows around the bed so that Onix can be right next to me if I’m awake and I’m able to see him.

I’m okay if he sleeps right next to me during that duration if I’m sleeping
I want him in the bassinet but while I’m awake I’ll go ahead and let him snuggle right next to me.

finally, time to get him ready for bed I will go ahead and turn on the comm app this app is amazing it is a little bit expensive I’m going to warn you, I found out about it from Rachael Talbott she talked about it in one of her videos and I went ahead and downloaded it, I loved it and the two
sounds that I like to listen to at nighttime are the reef or the ocean, but
you could also just download music on your computer or anywhere you don’t have to have this app to have awesome music to sleep, but it’s soothing like I said my favorite one is the reef and it helps.

Sonics sleep good, and then I like to have some snacks by my bed my husband went ahead and brought it for me up some snacks which is so sweet of him he brought up popcorn which is my all-time favorite snack, then I’ll go ahead and turn off the lights and turn on our blue lights I don’t know why, but when we moved into this house we had these blue neon light.

Me and my husband like thought to ourselves we will never use these lights and since Nix has been home we use them every night, so I will go ahead and turn on a show, I’m just watching Kardashians tonight and just snacking on my popcorn and drinking my water since I’m breastfeeding.

I feel like all I do is eat and drink water like I am constantly thirsty and constantly hungry and then I will just go ahead and watch my show, this is one of my favorite times because I love to watch new babies sleep and be next to them and he still gets that opportunity to be close to mama.

I think I was about 30 minutes later and he went ahead and woke up because he was ready for his next feeding, then I’ll go ahead and feed onyx this happens to be one of his longer feeding sessions, I wish there was like some sort of rhythm or I could say oh he sleeps or wakes every two or three hours but honestly, it’s so random and like I said I like to do whatever baby wants to do or whatever babies instinct is I will go ahead and follow his schedule.

Didn’t realize this until watching the footage but I smile every time I get a
burp out of him, and once I’m done with our feeding I will lay them down in the halo, bassinet this is right next to the bed I love that,
and then I’m gonna head downstairs I drink probably ten glasses of water
a day like I said I’m always thirsty so I’m gonna go downstairs the Berkey and, just fill up my water and get another snack, I know this seems so bad but like, I said all I do is eat and drink two of my favorite foods in the entire world peanut butter and bananas let me know in the comments below one of your all-time favorite foods.

Then when I came back from snack onyx was already ready for another feeding, this is about the point where I started to get tired – and my eyes
start to get heavy and I’m almost ready for a bed, as well one of the
really cute things about Nicks is that he loves to sleep with my
breasts underneath his chin so that if he wakes her startles he can just tilt
his head down and still Hooters.

I’ll go ahead and lay him down again when I lay him down I like to
pretend like he’s still really close to me and hold on him until he’s in that
perfect position and then let go I feel like I’m playing the game
don’t wake daddy whenever I lay onyx down she’s any other mama feel like that, I feel like it every single time and then I’ll go ahead and just like to watch my show and if he gets fussy at all just go ahead and give him a pass II.

When it gets a little bit later into the evening, I’ll do asleep in feed, where I lay down with him I won’t follow sleep but I will lay down with him and let him fall asleep laying down, this is nice because it’s one of Onix’s favorite positions to nurse he loves it he is super comfortable, the bad thing about this position is that it can cause a little bit more acid reflux but he loves this if he could have it his way he would do sleep in peds every single time.

I will end up feeding him for almost 30 minutes this is when he does one of those long feeding sessions, which is okay with me and then I ended up waking up one last time to give him a feed tonight.